A Call on our People to Massively Farm Starting this 2022

A Call on our People to Massively Farm Starting this 2022

A Call on our People to Massively Farm Starting this 2022

By Professor Chinedum Nwajiuba


1.      The message here is straightforward. Things are getting tough and likely to worsen with the economy very soon. You may say things are difficult already, but what is coming may be much worse than what we see now.

2.      This call is to our people, starting from my home community of Umuezeala-Nsu, to all of Igboland, especially within the Southeast. Everyone should try to grow some food in 2022, no matter how little.

3.      Anaghi agwa ochinti na agha esule. Prices of everything are rising extremely fast. At this moment, what is within our control and what we can do something about is all-hands-on-deck; farm!! Onye gbuwe achara, Onye gbuwe. Let us grow as much food as we can so at least hunger does not worsen our situation more than the case now.

4.      Mobilise all farming inputs. Those who can afford it, please support our people with inputs and tools. If the Governments can, mobilise the Ministries of Agriculture for sensitisation and other extension services. Use the radio, TV, and other media to sensitise our people to farm. Those who will be campaigning, please support our people with planting materials.


5.      For a long time, our people have abandoned farming. We have been relying on food from Northern Nigeria – cassava, yam, tomatoes, potato, onions, cucumber, pepper, etc. Today, the insecurity in Northern Nigeria is disrupting agriculture. In many places in Northern Nigeria, people can no longer farm. The likelihood of the insecurity in Northern Nigeria reducing is not clear. In fact, there are predictions that it will worsen with more crises happening in the countries north of Nigeria, such as Niger, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, and others, as the peacekeepers enforcing security in those countries are withdrawing. This will likely worsen the situation in Northern Nigeria.

6.      Unfortunately, our governments seem not to realise this, and the local support for farming, such as the Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs) of the past, have collapsed.

7.      When you also consider the rising cost of transportation, as petrol and diesel become more expensive, the cost of living is higher than what most of our people can cope with. The local insecurity within Igboland worsens this.

8.      But we cannot leave our destinies in anyone’s hands. We must take our destinies into our own hands.

9.      The era of laziness and idleness and no farming should be over. Young men loitering around and hanging around beer parlours and pool betting centres should please have a change of mind.

10.  The message is simple: Things are likely to be more difficult. Prices of everything, including rice and bread, will rise significantly in the coming months. hunger will bring more insecurity. 

11.  Worse still, foreign remittances will reduce as the sanctions on Russia take their toll on a global economy still recovering from the impact of COVID-19.

12.  Therefore, to avoid hunger worsening our situation in Ala Igbo, everyone should begin farming now.

13.  Our young people should please, Biko, stop the idleness and make themselves available for farm work. When the drumbeats change, the dance step should change. 

14.  Please, Ndigbo, farm like you have never done starting this 2022.


God bless you all.


Prof. Chinedum Nwajiuba, FASN, FNAAE

Umuezeala-Nsu, Ehime-Mbano LGA, Imo State.