ỤMỤ ANỊ - A.A Chukwuka ( The Book )

An excerpt from a highly intellectual thoughts collection on the Igbo cultural evolution, a MUST READ.

ỤMỤ ANỊ - A.A Chukwuka ( The Book )
Front cover of the hard copy
The Dream of Biafra
Enuugwu was every inch as Ifeajuna had described – majestic. The city had always known growth since the official birth of the ANI (Akụ Ndị Igbo) but in the last 30 years, Enuugwu had exploded in rapid developmental activity. Its streets were now lined with skyscrapers teeming with employees of big brand names from around the ANI and the world; these brands jostled ferociously with each other to be a strong influence on the rapidly increasing purchasing power of the Igbo.

Ezeidemili had been to the city a few times in the past, each visit separated from the last by a spell of several years and by a large helping of necessity. He was lost in thought as he rode the underground train that took him from the airport with the promise of depositing him at a stop just four hundred metres from his new home. He had to get off and change trains at Ogui and this minor hiccup would require him to ascend into reality and walk about half a kilometre in a circle to the opposite platform. But he was not going to continue on the Underground, he decided. Instead, he was going to walk home. He blinked as he came into the fierce daylight and took in his surroundings. Once again, he was seized by some astonishment. 

Enugwu seemed to do nothing else but evolve. The streets, especially at the centre, were constantly being reinvented in look, style and character. Ezeidemili craned his neck at the tall structures around him, most carrying the trademark of a major financial institution; he peered hard into the distance, trying to make out the ANI Central Bank without needing to alter his course but he could only catch a glimpse of one of the Leopards on its Coat of Arms.
In the last twenty years, the push of the Amaichie to transform Enuugwu into a strong base for financial services from around the world appeared to be making a strong impact and showing no signs of slowing down. Already, the city was home to the ANI Stock Exchange and the headquarters of various ANI and foreign banking corporations. But what was conspicuously missing among these corporate giants in Enuugwu was the Oil and Gas industry that the ANI region had been famous for. 

Following the withdrawal of ANI from the Nigerian Federation, the Amaichie had ramped up preparations to shield the economy against the shock waves that were certain to hit when fossil fuels became obsolete as a major energy driver. Ọdinaala had branded oil a, literally, ‘fossil economy’; the party insisted that ANI had to invest in other, cleaner and renewable sources of energy. Ezeidemili still remembered the debates at the time in the Ụlọ Amaichie and when the changes started to show. He was now walking past one of the signs of those changes; to his right stood the distinctive head office of Ogemdị Solar Technologies which powered most of the ANI Central Region.

This masterpiece was written by one of our own Mazi A. A Chukwuka ( Twitter: @thethinkingigbo ) read the full book & get a hard copy from his Amazon page in the link, this is a good digest for anyone hungry to feed into the wave of Igbo culture renaissance, enjoy it. ~ https://www.umuelohim.com <> https://www.emronglobal.com