Turn northerners into special forces to end banditry, Gov. Tambuwal tells Buhari

Turn northerners into special forces to end banditry, Gov. Tambuwal tells Buhari

Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto has advised President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime to train and convert locals in the North into special forces that will launch a clearance operation against bandits.

Mr Tambuwal explained that recruiting locals in areas affected by bandit’s attacks to complement efforts of mainstream security operatives would end violent attacks in the North-West.

He stated this on Wednesday in Sokoto when he received a delegation of the North-West Governors Forum.

“The recruited persons shall serve as special forces equipped with (the) right skills and modern firearms to confront bandits since the locals know the terrains,” said the Sokoto governor. “After the special mission, the recruited persons could be re-engaged as forest guards to prevent new security challenges.”

Speaking further, Mr Tambuwal noted that in Sokoto, “we outlawed the self-styled vanguards referred as ‘Yansakai’ whose activities of extrajudicial killings led to reprisals and escalation of the situation.”

According to the governor, the Sokoto government is training “legitimate” vigilance groups teamed with mainstream security operatives to support the fight against bandits.

“All hands must be on deck to check banditry and to support President Buhari at all levels to contain the situation,” Mr Tambuwal added. “This situation calls for specialised approach with holistic support from community groups, religious leaders and other individuals to tackle.”

He urged residents to expose people supporting bandits, especially informants, in Sokoto.